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Packaging machines

M.A.S. delivers custom cardboard packaging solutions:

  • Box formers
  • Packaging tray formers
  • Box closers

And custom solutions for group packaging into cartons or plastic crates

  • Carton packers (packing into enclosed wrap around cartons)
  • Packaging tray packers (packing into open cartons or trays)
  • Inserters for placing products into cartons (crates)
  • Combined packaging machines (multiple types of packaging on a single machine)

M.A.S. packaging technology specialises in products with complex shapes, including various shapes of bottles, cannisters, tubs and other containers.

All M.A.S. packaging and carton loading machines are completely corrosion resistant. 
Machine frames and parts that come into contact products are made of stainless steel, with aluminium or plastic used on the remainder.
All machines are equipped with automatic formatting mechanisms and remote access for troubleshooting and SW support.