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Quality service and prompt client support is a self-understood principle for us!

We usually have all standard details and components at the warehouse. However, thanks to our own modern manufacturing capacity we are able to produce even specific items and components in the shortest possible time.
Our skilled and trained team of technicians is able to start service works anywhere in Europe in the run of 24 hours.


M.A.S. products are designed in such a way as to ensure the minimal requirements for maintenance .
Regular inspection and maintenance efficiently carried out by trained personnel nevertheless have a very positive impact on smooth and safe operation without breakdowns, reduced wear and tear and overall lifespan extension.

M.A.S. develops a special plan of maintenance for their clients – if possible without any limitations to regular business operation.
On client’s agreement M.A.S. takes over the responsibility for observation of regular inspection intervals and respective service work performance .
Each inspection check-up and service intervention is summarized in a comprehensive report to the client.