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Conveyor systems

For in-house transport solutions (flows of materials and goods), M.A.S. has an extensive module-based program for transporting pallets, shipping boxes and containers within which it is able to configure custom transport routes for its customers with the shortest possible lead times.

M.A.S. designs optimised concepts for horizontal and vertical transport of goods based on proven components and flexible innovations.

  • roller / chain / belt conveyors
  • rotating / corner / feed / pick-up / centring stations
  • lifting equipment (including between floors)
  • mobile trolleys
  • stacking / unstacking machines
  • pallet inspection stations

M.A.S. transport equipment features a highly stable design with high durability and minimal maintenance requirements.
M.A.S. transport equipment is primarily delivered in stainless designs combined with proven components made of aluminium and galvanized steel.
The durable design makes our products well-suited for use in hygienic and maintenance intensive environments with ambient temperatures from -30°C to +60°C.