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Automated warehouses

M.A.S. has developed a range of solutions for automated warehousing processes:

Automatic storage of small parts (AKL) provides a solution for parts with small dimensions and low weights such as various types of cartons, tray packaging or goods on tablets.

Special shelving systems for goods without carriers are used as an intermediate storage point between steps for sensitive goods with designated handling points.  Goods are telescopically,-/ unloaded on supporting pins into a special open shelf system.
M.A.S. rack stackers are characterised by their robust design with absolutely precise and reliable movements.

Rack stackers for full pallets and other heavy goods …rated for up to 10 tonnes

Rack stackers are customised to application conditions and customer requirements in all stainless or painted designs. 
M.A.S. rack stackers are universal in terms of their range of applications, from the auto industry to fresh goods warehouses